Information and instructions for your holiday

How to book a cabin

  • You can book a cottage with us online at or, by email at or by phone on +358 44 243 2511
  • When you book your trip online, you can pay by Visa or MasterCard. When you get here, services must be paid for in cash.
  • See our booking conditions

How to get there

  • The easiest way to get here is to fly to Helsinki Airport and rent a car for the duration of your stay. The cottages are located in peaceful, natural surroundings so you will need a car throughout your visit.
  • In the summer, we usually only hire out cottages for full weeks. Changeover day is Friday or Saturday, depending on the cottage.
  • We provide driving directions and coordinates with the booking confirmation.
  • The arrival time is after 4pm and departure is by midday to allow us to complete all of the necessary procedures for the arrival of the following guest.
  • You will find the keys in the door.

Instructions for the sauna

  • The Syväjärvi, Lokkero and Nuottakallio cottages have electric saunas. Syväjärvi also has a smoke sauna that the owners will heat up for you (additional fee, see “Additional services”).
  • Lokkero has an old wood-burning sauna hut.
  • The Vasikkahaka and Fisherman’s Hut I and II cottages have wood-burning saunas.
  • Firewood is included in the rent.
  • Instructions for heating up the wood-burning sauna.
    • Open the vent in the sauna flue and open the ash hatch beneath the fireplace a small way.
    • Begin heating the sauna using small pieces of wood. When the fire has taken, add more wood. The burner should be no more than half full.
    • The sauna will take about an hour to heat up. When it is hot, you can reduce the amount of wood you add.

Motor boats

  • You can rent a motorboat from us for as long as you need it (minimum 1 day)
  • Saimaa is a rocky lake, so make sure that you tie up your boat to the berth or pier in such a way that it does not crash against rocks on the shore.
  • When you drive ashore, you should disengage and lift the outboard motor in good time to ensure that the propeller is not damaged by rocks on the shore.
  • Life jackets should be worn while boating. Let us know how many and which sizes you need when you make your booking.
  • There are two boat sizes: the boats with 20-horsepower Yamaha motors are glass fibre boats about 4 metres in length, while there are 4–6-horsepower motors in smaller glass fibre boats.
  • The motors burn 98-octane petrol. No oil is added to the petrol. Motor oil is included in the boat rental fee. If the oil runs out, let us know and we will provide more.
  • All of the 4–6-horsepower outboard motors are four-stroke engines
  • If you are planning to go fishing in the boat, make sure that the boat remains clean and tidy, including the storage lockers.
  • You can take your own motorboat to the cottage. Many fishing enthusiasts choose to do this.
  • Near the Nuottakallio and Lokkero cottages, we have a new, thoroughly tested site for launching boats onto Lake Saimaa. Close to Fisherman’s Huts I and II, you can use the Partakoski boat launching site.

Before leaving the cabin

  • The key is to be left in the lock on the outside of the main door.
  • On the departure date, the cottage should be vacated by midday.
  • Please leave the cottage in an appropriate condition bearing in mind whether you have paid for final cleaning (see the section on cleaning).
  • In the winter, please leave the radiators at 20 'C and the underfloor heating on to ensure that the pipes do not freeze in cold weather.
  • Remember to close all of the windows and doors.

How to do the final cleaning

  • A relaxing way to end your holiday is to forget about the cleaning and leave it to us for an additional fee. However, if you wish to clean the cottage yourself, follow these instructions:
    • Vacuum and mop the floors
    • Shake out the rugs outdoors and put them back in place
    • Clean the tableware and put it back in place
    • Wipe down the kitchen surfaces
    • Wipe down the tables and other surfaces
    • Shake out duvets and pillows outdoors and place them back on the beds The beds should have day-covers on.
    • Rubbish is to be thrown in the bins outside and new bin-liners are to be placed in the bins
    • Compostable waste is to be placed in the composter
    • The floors of the sauna and bathroom are to be rinsed down after using the sauna
    • If you have used a birch whip in the sauna, please make sure that there are no leaves or other mess on the surfaces
  • If the cleaning is not carried out correctly, you will be charged a cleaning fee plus an additional 50%, amounting to EUR 120–200 depending on the cottage.

In case of emergency

  • Attention has been paid to safety in the cottages. All of the cottages have fire blankets, foam-based fire extinguishers and fire alarms
  • In the event of an emergency, dial 112
  • There are hospitals in Mikkeli (Porrassalmenkatu 35, Mikkeli) and Lappeenranta (Valto-Käkelän katu 1, Lappeenranta)
  • The nearest pharmacies are in Suomenniemi (Suomenniemi Branch Pharmacy) and Ristiina (Ristiina Pharmacy)

Reviews and feedback

  • You can find us on TripAdvisor and we would be pleased if you could tell others about your experience with us.
  • If anything is missing or needs to be fixed, please let us know as soon as you can: or +358 44 243 2511 (we are also on WhatsApp).
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