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Privacy policy and user terms of site

Description of file in accordance with Section 10 of the Finnish Personal Data Act (Henkilötietolaki 523/99)

Controller of the file: Loma-Väkkärä, Ylä-Väkkäräntie 77, 52420 Suomenniemi, Finland. Tel: +358 50 5140161
Name of the file: Loma-Väkkärä’s customer register

Purpose of processing personal data (purpose of use of the file)

Maintaining, developing and managing customer relationships and other appropriate contact, and planning, analysing and marketing the controller’s business in accordance with Section 8 of the Finnish Personal Data Act. In addition, the controller’s partners may be entitled to use data, subject to certain restrictions, for the aforementioned purposes in relation to their own businesses. Such purposes may include developing and realising shared services, concepts and business models.

Customer data can be used for targeted electronic marketing if the customer has consented to this. In addition, if a customer relationship has been formed – in other words, if a customer has purchased accommodation services offered by Loma-Väkkärä – the customer may be sent electronic communications related to rental activities.

Data contained in the file

The customer’s name, contact details (including address, telephone number, email address), language and data connected to the customer's preferences. The data may also include customer-specific accommodation details.

Regular data sources

Customers provide their details themselves when they make bookings or subscribe to a newsletter.

Regular data disclosure

Data can be disclosed subject to the restrictions set out in legislation.

Protection of the file

Loma-Väkkärä uses internationally recognised, secure newsletter software to send newsletters. 

Right of access

In accordance with Section 26 of the Finnish Personal Data Act, registered persons are entitled to access any data on themselves as is stored in the file. Access requests must be sent in writing and must be signed. They must be sent to the following address: 

Loma-Väkkärä, Ylä-Väkkäräntie 77, 52420 Pellosniemi, Finland.

The customer service telephone number is +358 50 5140161

Telephone call charges

The number stated above is a mobile telephone number. Charges for calls to mobile telephone numbers are based on the terms and conditions of the caller’s own telephone contract.

Terms of use

Technical requirements

The website is designed to function on devices of different sizes – desktop computers, laptops, tablet computers and smartphones. There are no special technical requirements on the hardware or software used to access the website.


Cookies may be stored on your computer. Cookies enable us to collect data on matters such as the page you arrived from, which of our web pages you have browsed and when, the browser you are using, the resolution of your display, your operating system, and your computer’s IP address – in other words, which internet address your data is coming from and where data is to be sent.

Loma-Väkkärä and its partners can use data from cookies to monitor the number of visitors to the website and to analyse and improve the website so that it provides better services for visitors. In addition, Loma-Väkkärä’s partners may use cookies for targeted advertising by collecting data on visitors’ browsing on this website and on other websites. The data collected using cookies is used to produce advertising that is targeted to users on the basis of their interests. When advertisements are targeted using cookies, visitors are not identified and the data is not connected to any personal data that may be received in other contexts.

Visitors can prevent cookies from being used by changing their internet browser settings so that the browser does not accept cookies. Users accept that preventing cookies from being used may affect the functionality of some parts of the service.


Loma-Väkkärä owns the content of this service and all related rights.

All forms of dissemination, transfer, publication, copying, disclosure to the public, reproduction, distribution or storage of the material on the website for purposes other than private use are forbidden without Loma-Väkkärä’s prior written consent.

Loma-Väkkärä reserves the right to modify pages or prevent access to pages at any time. Loma-Väkkärä is not liable for third-party web services that may be accessed via links on the website.

The site may contain sections for which we cannot guarantee full functionality in all hardware and software environments, nor can we provide protection from computer viruses. For this reason, neither Loma-Väkkärä nor the creator of this site shall be liable for any damage that may be caused by using this site, such as direct or indirect financial loss, damage to a computer, loss of data on a computer, wasted time or other harm.

If you send text or other material to this website – for example, when providing feedback or asking questions – you are also granting the right for the material you send to be published or delivered or used for equivalent purposes. You are personally responsible for ensuring that you have the right to use and disseminate the material that you send.

The website was created by AtFlow Oy. The online shopping functionality was provided by Aptual Oy (Johku) and payment processing is provided by Paybyway (Maksukaista).

Information security

The website contains forms that are used to request user details related to Loma-Väkkärä’s cottage rental business (booking a villa online, booking enquiry, subscribing to a newsletter). These details are stored in a database.

The data is treated confidentially and is collected for the purpose of enabling contact between the system and the person using the service in matters materially connected to customer service. Data is not disclosed to parties outside Loma-Väkkärä or its technical service providers.

Online purchases take place in an encrypted environment using the service. The Maksukaista service, which provides payment processing, has had its information security certified and audited in a manner compliant with international PCI standards.

In accordance with Section 26 of the Finnish Personal Data Act, you are entitled to access data on yourself as is stored in the database. Access requests must be sent to the controller of the file in writing and must be signed by your own hand. Requests can also be made in person by visiting the controller of the file.

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